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Oct. 17th, 2013

[sticky post] Supernatural Reviews

I've decided to post my Supernatural reviews on my livejournal vice at TWOP for the current season. It's probably not appropriate at TWOP. I'll post my S8 Reviews in one gulp and the get on with S9. I may be posting for myself but my inner OCD makes me keep it up -- so there.

Nov. 17th, 2013

S9 Supernatural EP 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Overall: Entertaining but action-lite. Several scenes were compelling. Dean’s isolation, Cas’ continued exploration of humanity, Crowley versus Sam, etc. But the main plot had very little action and I never felt true jeopardy for any character. Still, the main character arcs were nicely progressed and I’ve rewatched several times because of this.
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Nov. 8th, 2013

S9 Supernatural: 9.05 Dawg Dean Afternoon

Overall: Better than Expected. Almost all the Dawg Dean was funny, the MOTW was compelling, and it provided a nice parallel to the consent issue arc.
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Nov. 5th, 2013

S9 Supernatural EP 9.04: Slumber Party

Overall: Sunny with some Mixed Cloudy. Some scenes were excellent, others left me unsatisfied. LOVED the rewrite of the Wizard of Oz story and BadAss Dorothy. Enjoyed Crowley starting to break. Really like everything MOL related.
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Oct. 25th, 2013

S9 Supernatural EP 9.03: I'm No Angel

Overall: Gutshot FEELS. Misha Collins brings such pathos to Cas. I loved his priorities, his disillusionment, and his insights. When Dean told him he had to leave, it broke me. The action ramp up from torturing the Rogue Reaper to healing Cas was excellent. The Rogue Reaper concept is really bad. Clever use of the televangelist.
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Oct. 18th, 2013

S9 Supernatural EP 9.02: Devil May Care

Overall: Intense. While the rescue plot was full of holes, the episode itself was outstanding in terms of character interactions. Dean/Abbadon was hot, Dean/Kevin was full of FEELS and Kevin/Crowley had me on the edge of my seat. S9 is really cooking.
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Oct. 17th, 2013

S9 Supernatural EP 9.01 - I Think I'm Going to Like it Here

Overall: OUTSTANDING. Nice opener inside Sam’s dying mind. Excellent and logical follow-through on open issues from epic S8 finale. Thorny conundrum for Dean to set up season. Several nice BadAss moments. Cass’ gradual acceptance of his reality was nicely played.
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S8 Supernatural Reviews - Compendium

I reviewed all of S8, Episode by Episode. Rather than clog up my LJ with 22 entries, I'm putting them all under one so as to keep things orderly. This top post will be my overall S8 assessment:
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Oct. 11th, 2013

Dean's Decision Supernatural EP 9.01: "I Think I'm Going to Like It Here"

I recently made a comment on TV.com regarding Dean's mindset when he made his critical decision in EP9.01 I Think I'm Going to Like It Here. I thought I'd expand on that comment for anyone interested.
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Oct. 4th, 2011

Review: The Darkest Hour - Part 1

An epic start to Series 4 has Arthur firmly in charge, the Knights well established and Morgana coming into her own. A few minor contrivances are not enough to mar a thrilling season opener.

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